WormBlast: The worm action game

Jussi Lind <jussi.lind@iki.fi>

The WormBlast Project Page at SourceForge Home gives you access to the releases, source codes (Git), and more.

What the heck is WormBlast?

In WormBlast, a total of 8 worms (1-2 human players) are trying to gain as high score as possible by shooting at other worms and collecting different objects like body pieces that have been cut off. New guns and ammunition can be collected as well. The game area is scrolling and has no boundaries. The worm with the highest score wins.

Actually WormBlast is a decent remake of Parawormer 2 (MS DOS) dating back to 1998 and it has been serving as a learning project and a test bench for different technologies.

WormBlast is currently being developed on Ubuntu 10.10.

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Videos (WormBlast-2.0.1)

Screenshots (WormBlast-1.2.0)

Project News

(07-Nov-10): WormBlast-2.0.2 released for Linux

(25-Oct-10): WormBlast-2.0.1 released for Linux

(28-Jul-10): MiniCore in use

(09-Mar-10): Code moved from SVN to Git

(10-Jul-09): Switched the build system to CMake + Python dropped

(08-May-09): WormBlast-1.2.0-alpha released for Linux

(13-Apr-09): Development of WormBlast-1.2.0 progressing

Technical info for those who are interested



Latest update on 07-Nov-2010